Product Session
Tue 12 Feb 2019 – 18:00

Security Flaws Are Killing Product Launches: How To Future-Proof Your Releases

Product launches are being destroyed and reputations irreversibly damaged by security defects, data leaks and badly managed releases.

In this session we look at the vulnerabilities – both technical and human – that can kill any product launch.

Our two speakers will provide real-life examples of security breaches and offer guidance on how to implement strategies to protect future releases.

This event is for interim Project Managers, Product Managers and Product Owners, plus independent consultants involved in the launch of digital products.

The session will be broken into two parts: the first provides the opportunity for Q&A with our speakers under Chatham House rules, followed by drinks and further discussions.

Our hosts will cover:

  • How process and approach can outmanoeuvre software and tools in detecting flaws.
  • Developing a Security Mindset and building it into your day to day work.
  • Exploring security risks and threat modelling through building diverse teams.
  • Challenging negativity when around security topics.
  • Recognising patterns in security problems.
  • Identifying biases and working with them.
  • Understanding that security is everyone's problem.

About Nicola Sedgwick
An avid enthusiast of agile ways of working, Nicola loves the way technology can enhance and transform the world around us. Nicola is often found working with a product and coaching focus to ensure agile teams collaborate between themselves and with stakeholders in order to eliminate misunderstanding, reduce rework and delivery quality features as early as possible.

About Dan Billing
Dan is an experienced technologist and has been working within a diverse range of development organisations. Currently working with teams to provide leadership across a diverse range of organisations, Dan’s love of testing and supporting others drives him to become an active member of the testing community. A facilitator of European test conferences, meetups, podcast-hoster and produces content for the Ministry of Testing Dojo.

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