Wed 31 Jul 2019 – 18:00

The Conversation

The Art of Helping Colleagues See Your Point of View!

All new products and services require someone to change behaviour.

They might be colleagues or customers you want to have.

The trouble often is, they don’t share your vision. They don’t understand what you’ve created. They don’t listen to you.

So how do you get them to listen? How do you bridge the divide?

If you’re responsible for the success of managing, launching or creating digital products and services, and feel like you’re pushing a rock uphill, join us and let’s have a conversation.

  • Meet others wrestling with the same problem as you: yep, people and what to do about them!
  • Learn the art of The Conversation
  • Take away some tips which will help you listen your way to more effective products, more successfully delivered
  • And while you're here, you also get to enjoy some fine nibbles and tasty beverages

About Ben Johnson (Host)

The Conversation will be hosted by Ben Johnson, entrepreneur, founder, and now Director of Finding X. Ben created, ran and sold an experience design business which built $multi- million relationships with MTV, Sony, Samsung, Virgin Atlantic and others amongst its global client base.

About Joseph Shaffery (Speaker)

Joe is currently Head of User Experience (UX) at Smart Pension. Prior to this he had similar roles in Capita and Bluefin. Before that he ran a small company providing design, development and photography. Other experience includes work at ARUP, Jones New York and a short placement at IDEO.

Joe also lectures at Pearson College London and leads the module ‘Agile App Design for Business’. He is passionate about sharing skills and knowledge that will equip students with the ability to design and innovate within a business environment using design thinking and agile methodologies.

Key Points

  • Senior leader with 10+ years working in design and user experience. 5+ years working in FinTech in London
  • Agile project management experience; as part of a team, leading, setting up and teaching
  • Experience with different sized companies; as self-employed, working for a growing start up and within two FTSE 100 companies.
  • Module lead and lecturer within a Business Management degree programme in a London business school

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