Strategy Session
Tue 9 Apr 2019 – 18:00

Is Your Organisation Agile-Ready? How to Apply Principles of Agile in Complex Environments

In a world of complexity and shifting priorities, it’s important to be nimble and able to adapt to rapidly changing environments.

But what does that look like in practice and how can it be achieved?

This event delves into the challenges that large organisations face on their journey towards agile transformation.

Providing real-world examples, our speakers will cover:

  • The challenges and lessons learnt when adopting agile methods
  • New opportunities which are presented when applying agile principles in scalable and complex environments
  • Pitfalls and tips for dealing with changes during the process of becoming agile

Spoiler: there are no golden bullets.

Join us for an engaging talk and Q&A with our speakers, followed by drinks and further discussions.

About Quentin Strauss

Quentin is an accomplished, visionary and adaptable Senior Programme Director with a progressive career spanning over 25 years specialising in delivering highly complex strategic initiatives on behalf of global clients across diverse sectors including financial services, IT and retail. He is recognised for his consistent track record in achieving significant results for clients through delivering scalable agile digital solutions, £multi-million portfolios of change and new systems implementation and migrations.

Quentin demonstrates a broad skill-set encompassing C-level stakeholder management, strategy planning, technology transformation, global team leadership, programme governance, control and assurance, budget management, business process re-engineering and service delivery.

About Iwona Winiarska

Iwona is an Agile Delivery Manager at Automation Logic, working on Agile and DevOps transformation programmes in the public and private sector. She is experienced in digital and technology, delivering complex global programmes and products across a range of industries such as financial services, retail, media, technology, automotive and healthcare.

Her current focus is on agile transformation and delivery which help teams and organisations find better ways of working by using a variety of agile principles and techniques. While working at Government Digital Service, Iwona has supported cross-government digital transformation programmes and the Agile Delivery Community of Practice. She has also organised agile meetups and conferences which has given her a fresh perspective that she regularly takes into her work environment.

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