Partner Event
Mon 16 Jul 2018 – 18:00

Blockchain, Beyond The Hype

Open Your Mind, a session hosted with our partners Group Think

About this session

Blockchain has been the buzz word in all agency-client conversations over the past couple of months, but yes sometimes it’s difficult to really grasp all its potential and understand how this (actually) simple technology could bring real value to your (or your client’s) business.

This month, we’re delighted to welcome the Finding X team, a digital transformation consultancy, to talk to us and go beyond the hype of blockchain by revealing us the true capabilities and strategic business value of blockchain.

On Tuesday 17th, Nicola Sedgwick and Carlos Hampton will provide us with an interactive masterclass guiding us through the blockchain ecosystem with live demonstrations and visuals to help break down the core fundamentals. Together, they’ll walk us through the real-world use cases and share insight into how businesses are applying the technology to transform the way they transact with customers.

About Group Think

Based in London, Group Think is a community dedicated to developing the next generation of strategists. Today they consist of over 600 members spanning a wide range of strategic specialisms, from advertising planners to experience strategists, to media planners to strategic consultants and everything in-between.

Group Think host different events every month enabling their members to meet-up, debate and learn through conversations with each other.

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