Tue 7 May 2019 – 09:00

Design-led Leadership Fundamentals

How to lead in a customer-centric and agile world


The centricity of the customer and shifting landscape of digital business means organisations have to be dynamic and able to adapt quickly to change.

Agility must, therefore, be built into the company end-to-end requiring changes to management structures, product design/innovation, communication and workplace efficiency.

In order to lead effectively in an agile working environment, a design-led approach is one which enables leaders to support teams and create solutions iteratively.

In this one-day workshop, our aim is to help leaders and senior management understand what agile is and how their teams use it to create products.

You will learn

  • The benefits of co-creation & iterative design
  • Agile vocabulary to fully understand what your teams are saying
  • How to identify when teams are flourishing or floundering

Our goal is to set you up with the right tools to improve communication and productivity across your teams, enabling you to hit the ground running the very next day.

On the day

The workshop will consist of interactive experiential learning followed by drinks and further discussion. Throughout the day you’ll also have the opportunity to extend your network by meeting leaders in similar positions.

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